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CMD + Q = Mark E-mail read?!

Dear Jason,

whenever I click CMD+Q using Chrome, it now opens a pop-up for your dearest application Checker Plus. Even when there are no GMail windows open.

I tried editing the shortcut but can't get rid of it. It's not on the list.

You wouldn't use the same shortcut that works *absolutely everywhere* as "Quit app" as something else here "Mark as read", would you? So it's a bug?



  • Did you click the small "x" beside the shortcut key in the keyboard shorcut settings... http://googlesystem.blogspot.ca/2012/08/create-keyboard-shortcuts-for-chrome.html
  • edited December 2013
    No, managed to get rid of it now, thanks to your advice. 

    Still, I think such a common app shortcut should not be overridden by something as 'insignificant' as a browser extension, even if it's a good extension.
    I.e. you shouldn't create keyboard shortcuts that already exist. It's almost as you if were replacing CMD+C (copy). 

    But thanks. My life is fine again.
  • Interesting debate, because statistically the number of uses who use Mac and AND shortcut keys AND use that precise shortcut key are actually insignificant for my extension's users ...they compromise a mere 2% of my total users.
    To avoid the issue with others though would you recommend I add more details about this "x" in my FAQ page? I presume you clicked the shortcut notification window and it lead you to my FAQ and then the shortcut key page, but I presume at that point it wasn't evident about the "x", is that correct?
  • Statistics, can't fight that. Still, that very same shortcut is, for example, on this educational article:

    I was actually browsing the wrong list, I didn't realize I need to acess the Extensions page first. The 'x' didn't matter, the link you sent helped a lot. 

    P.S. There's a lot of staff at the FAQ. Are they all really *frequently* asked questions?

    Anyway, thanks.
  • Good point about the frequently, but they all have been asked atleast once and I must publish the answers somewhere so that I don't have to manually respond to each users. Were there particular FAQs that you thought irrelevant or what do you suggest I do to clean it up?

    ps. I think i'll consider removing that Mac-Q shortcut given that i'm not actually using that mark as read shortcut myself :) the question now is how many others got used to it now before i change it on them :(
  • Ha, I just realized I actually changed the Mac shortcut key a couple of months ago (after some complaints) - and I added a "Shift" key to the sequence so that I wouldn't override the Mac-Q

    Now i'm curious why your shortcut key still remained the Mac-Q, how long have you had my extension installed? have you played with the shortcut keys in the past? which version of my extension are you using?
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