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Auto Zoom upon Grab a selected area

It seems auto zoom to some crazy amount when I Grab a selected area.  This makes it hard to find the proper area to select.  Its not the end of the world, but a refinement that would be nice.


  • You are probably using the "cropping" tool :) try the icon just to the right.
  • Warning: new user...

    When I select 'grab a selected area' the page I'm looking at is zoomed in so that I can't see the edges of the original page, I can only select from the zoomed center of the page.  I don't see how your previous answer applies as I haven't even selected an area yet.

    Can this zoom be controlled/turned off?

    I am using a chromebook if this matters.
  • Ok, something has changed now that I've been playing with this and I don't know what was the trigger.  I now get a non-zoomed initial page to make my selection from.  I also notice that when I first click on the trigger icon your initial menu is much smaller than it was when I was first trying it.  The menu is now about 1/4 the original size rather small txt.

    Very odd.  It appears the trouble has gone away but I wonder what caused the zoom to begin with and was it also causing that initial menu to be much larger too?
  • The menu is now about 1/4 the original size *with* rather small txt.
  • @RLBrooks
    If you open any page related to my extension such as the options page and you set or reset the zoom to that page, then it will affect all the extension pages, including the popup. Try it out.
  • Ok, I opened your options page and then zoomed back up to 100% so the menu is a normal size.  However, if I then go to a non zoomed tab/page and click on your Screenshot icon, it opens a new tab/page that is zoomed to be twice the size of the original.  note, chrome is not zoomed, it still thinks it is at 100%, but the page your extension creates is effectively zoomed and I can only see an enlarged center of the original page.

    My chromebook was restarted a little while ago to pick up google's latest stable update changes so things are still very vanilla yet I'm still seeing zoom problems with this extension.

    What now?
  • @RLBrooks

    Can you tell me if the zoom issue happens for all grab methods ie. Grab selected area, Grab visible part of page, and Grab entire page?

    Also would you consider your screen to be high def or "retina" like?
  • I just tried all the grab methods and Yes, they all appear to be zoomed.

    Yes, screen is high def, I am using a 2015 Google Pixel chromebook.
  • @RLBrooks

    I'm assuming the Pixel chromebook is indicating the wrong zoom level to my extension - I wonder if you use a 2nd monitor if the issue disappears.
  • I don't know how to go about setting up a 2nd monitor on a chromebook.  any idea?
  • After a little research I see I need a USB-C to HDMI adapter and I don't have one as I never planned to use an external monitor when I bought the Pixel several months ago.  Anything else I could try?
  • @RLBrooks

    Thhis would have only been practical for testing the issue if you already had a 2nd monitor, but that's ok we can disregard my statement. Let's see if others get issues with this.
    Can you ensure you have the latest OS updates and Chrome updates, just to make sure.
  • I have the latest updates, stable chromeos updated a couple of days ago and i just checked and i still am up to date.
  • edited December 2015
    I am having the same issue using a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013).  After looking at this thread, I zoomed out to 50% on the options page and I can now see the entire page when I am selecting the area I want to copy.  It makes the menu really small, but that I can live with.
  • Yep, having same issue on my Microsoft Surface. I have a QHD screen and everything is zoomed in before I can select it
  • @simon.nash

    This issue seems to be related to HD screens. Have you tried other screen capturing extensions or encountered other zoom related issues before?
  • I have with older software, but all the newer stuff seems to correct itself without issue
  • @simon.nash @matthew o.lee 
    Can someone tell me if the issue happens with all grab methods?
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