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Not getting our own changes

When I do a modification on a doc, or when I answer a comment, I would like no to be notified for this change.


  • edited April 2015
    i have definitely added the logic that if you are the owner of the document then you will not get notifications, can you confirm this? are you sure you are the original owner of the document you have just modified,  i haven't tested the comments though.
  • For me the logic should not be only for the docs that you own. Why would I be notified for any change or comments done by me ?
  • i have not experimented with "comments" i actually never use them, so this could be a bug.
  • I will check but I have already seen by asking to see the changes that the comments were highlighted in the end of a Google document. 
  • Can you send me a screenshot next time?
  • So here is a sample, only of a comments appeating as a updated content, but not as my own comment.

    So when asking "wee revision" on a google doc, I can see in the content this first :


    And then if I go to the bottom, I can see the [b] comment detailled changes :

  • edited April 2015
    I just tested this and I could not reproduce the issue.
    My example:
    My girlfriend shared a document with me, she then made a comment in it.
    [I got a notification]
    I then created a new comment in the same document.
    [I do not get a notification]

    Is it possible that both of you made comments before and you were notified of her comments and your comments in the same notification?
  • I will check next time 
  • I never saw this happening again, I guess this was my mistake then.
  • edited June 2015
    No quite the same case, but quite close still.

    I just had a case where I received a notification for a slide set that had changes. I clicked to "preview changes" link to review the changes without having to open the dock and I got a windows to see all the content as pure text. But nothing was highligthed on it (no screen capture, since it's a long text with only black text).

    So I clicked on the plugin in Chrome to see if this was changed or not and I got a confirmation that a person edited it as you can see on the screen capture. So I openedthe slides to see the change directly on it. The history was showing that I was the latest one (screen capture) to have done changes.

    But then I looked at the comments and I have seen that indeed the name that I have seen as the editor on the plugin view is the one that commented, and that those comments were younger than my own edits, but they were not visible in the content change preview windows.
  • This is all the small captures to explain my issue.image
  • In addition, I have the example of a gdoc for which I'm getting a notification for my own changes. See the script capture for the changes. Here the use case is that I did those changes in offline mode and they have been synced back to the online version later.image
  • edited June 2015
    Hi, I just had another sample to get my own comments back as a "green" modification whereas I'm the author. This time this was not an offline edit.

  • :-( no news ? It looks like the forum on this extension is not very active. Does it means there is little interest in it ? I hope now, I do love it.
  • Hi,

    It's still the same, I just good my own changes being notified, those where only comments.
  • I have not been able to replicate it.
    Is is possible you have 2 or more accounts open?
    Is this issue happening all the time or just sometimes?
  • No I was using only 1 account. It's not happening all the times.
  • If you can find out the pattern let me know, like multiple edits, only when comments, multiple users, particular files, anything etc.
  • I never really find out. Anyway now that it is not possible to get more than 1 revision it's difficult to do that.
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