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Deleting drafts made with Checker Plus plug-in

So I've been noticing that if I use the Compose button on the plug-in and start typing whatever and then hit the delete button and go through all the confirmation windows after that that the drafts still appear in their full forms (all the stuff I wrote is still in them) in the drafts section when I go to the actual gmail webpage.


  • Try refreshing the Gmail page afterwards.
  • That doesn't seem to change it, but I'm trying to compose some more e-mails and delete them to test it out, seems like it's happening less often, but it still happens
  • i've noticed this behaviour without my gmail exension and usually related to having several browser or sessions opened on multiple devices etc.
  • Aha, that might be the cause of it, I do have my laptop using my Google account as well. Might be something on Google's side. Thanks!
  • I could use some help on an issue related to deleting a draft. Does the draft get deleted permanently? I accidentally deleted a draft (that had an attachment I wanted) and assumed it would still be in my trash folder. No such luck?? Is that the way you intended it to work?

    The popup I used was checkerplus, then hit the go to inbox, found drafts, opened it and decided I didn't want to change,,, hit delete instead of save and that's where I am at...

    Thank you so much for your help. 
  • My checker plus plays no role in this use case. But essentially when you discard of drafts in Gmail (Note: Gmail uses the term "discard" instead of delete probably on purpose) it is not saved in your trash, it will be permanently removed.
  • got it... makes sense, thank you for the rapid reply.
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