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Showing previous events

I'd like the ability to show X number of days of previous events. I use the agenda view and see today and forward "Number of days to look ahead".  I'd like the option of "Number of days to look behind".



  • that's a good suggestion, i'm redesigning the agenda view in the near future, so ping me again on this topic when you see the change i'll figure something out
  • Thanks for the quick reply Jason.  I like the agenda view the best but it does appear it could use some work, alot of empty white space on each side of the calender for instance.  Keep the colors for the different calenders...that's my favorite part of that view.  

    Thanks again!
  • Jason....the agenda layout looks great!  Thank you.  Just wanted to see in a future release the option of showing X number of previous entries on that agenda list.  
  • lol, I just finished coding exactly that! Although it won't be an option - it'll just be a set number of events in past, but you'll be able to continually scroll back (if i can get that part working now in my development instance...)
  • Awesome....thanks!
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