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Files not appearing

In some instances, I type in the precise title of the file lower case (file name is upper case) and the file won't appear. If I type in 2 words of a file title is seems to not appear, although if I type in only one word a list of options does appear.


  • Great bug finding, I have fixed in the latest Drive extension version 6.0.9.
    But you'll have to re-install the extension to force this update.
    Thank you for pointing this out.
  • Awesome I reinstalled. Will check this out. You are so quick!
  • Oh this works well. Instantly found several files that were problematic before. Looking great!
  • I love this app!  My life has just become so much easier. 
  • excellent glad to hear that and thanks for using my forum :)
  • I'm having a similar problem. I can view the drive files just fine in the task bar plugin, but they're no longer visible in the Awesome HQ desktop. 
  • @michael.matson

    Try re-installing the extension or send me a screenshot of the issue.
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