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If no notification are visible how to ask not to be disturbed, looks the icon is gone totaly

Describe your issue or paste in screenshots


  • I couldn't see the screenshot? Did you try re-installing the extension because I pushed some updates recently.
  • When I have notification visible, the icon the there. I'm going throught the notifs 1 by 1 and closing the doc each time.
    But once I have closed them all, I don't have the icon visible anymore, which prevent me for instance to ask it to be silent for 1H or more.

  • edited April 2015
    hmm good point allthough this would be a Chrome issue because they handle the notification tray options.
    but I could implement my own logic in my extension like i did for my other gmail and calendar extensions :)... http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Do_Not_Disturb_(DND)
    except i haven't added it to my drive yet, but good suggestion!
  • Yes good idea. 
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