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Popup window size and display density features?

Popup window size options like in your Checker Plus for Google Calendar extension would be a nice addition. I would also love to see display density options for the elements inside the popup box (much like on the Google Drive website), if that's possible. 

Also, I like to run two Chrome windows side-by-side, but all of the Checker Plus popup windows get cut off when I do this. It is especially problematic for the Drive extension, because the search box gets cut off. 


  • Hmm i'll need screenshots to better understand your situation. Including what you mean by the density options in the drive extension. Note: That I recently redesigned that extension, hope you like it :)
  • It seems that Google has hidden the display density option for Drive in the settings menu: 

    Gmail has the same display density option, if you click the settings gear icon (for me, at least). Changing the density seems to change the spacing in between the elements, such as the space in between each file in the file list on Drive. 

    I'm not sure if such an option would be helpful for Checker Plus for Drive, as the density looks pretty compact now that I look at it.

    Here's the problem I'm having with your Checker Plus apps. The popup windows get cut in half when I have Chrome filling half the screen rather than maximized.

    Checker Plus for Drive:

    Checker Plus for Gmail:

    I cropped the top and right side of the screenshot, but the left side is not cropped, that is how the Checker Plus for Gmail popup displays when I have two browser windows side-by-side like that.

    Is there some way to have it re-adjust so that it's not cut off like that? My workflow includes running two Chrome windows side-by-side, but when I want to actually see the new e-mails I've received, I have to maximize one of the windows first. It's a minor annoyance, but I at least wanted to mentioned it. 
  • Great feedback, I just fixed this in version 6.0.7 of my drive extension Update instructions
    give it a try and let me know
    then I will tackle my gmail and calendar extensions.
  • It seems to have updated on it's own, as I'm seeing 6.0.7 in my extensions list. However, the clipping is still occurring. 

    I'm using Linux, I don't know why that should matter, but I thought I should mention it, just in case. 
  • really so no difference at all with my drive extension, try restarting the browser, just to make sure
  • No difference with the Drive extension, even after killing all Chrome processes and restarting the browser. 
  • I should add that as long as the browser window is big enough (even if it's not maximized), the Drive popup window will display correctly. It's only when the window size of the browser (in the horizontal) is smaller than the popup window that the popup window gets cut off. 
  • This might be a linux issue, but here is a screenshot of my chrome browser in a narrow (unmaximized) position, notice how the popup is much smaller also, i removed the last modified time of the files to save space etc.

  • edited March 2015
    I tried it in Windows 7 and it works fine. The popup window moves to the side of the screen with more space, so it never gets cut off.
  • Hi guys, just popping in to confirm that it looks like a Linux issue. I have the exact same problem as Andy in Debian, but OS X behaves just like Windows.

    The issue might be fairly common for GNU/Linux users, as one doesn't even need to have a particularly narrow browser window. The user merely has to deviously position the extension icon so that the browser cannot win even if it were running full-screen:


    Don't worry about the other extensions, the same happens with only Drive enabled.

    I just checked and Checker Plus Gmail has the exact same problem. An issue for the Chromium bugtracker perhaps?

  • @seva.petrov
    Excellent investigation Seva.
    I have opened an issue with the Chrome team, everyone please star it on this page https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=469407 to promote a quick fix.
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