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Colored folders

On the Google Drive website, you can give your folders colors to replace the default grey. In Checker Plus for Google Drive, all folders are shown as grey instead of whatever color they were given. Could you add support for these colors? There's no need to be able to change the colors from the extension, but it would be nice to see the colors.


  • good suggestion, although i just tried using the new folder color API but the value was empty on google's api resonse, so it seems like it's not working, maybe it takes a few days to show up as i have just tried adding a color to my folder today, if you have any updates let me know.
  • I added "my folder color logic" in this extension (version 6.0.5) to integrate with Google's API color folder logic, but it doesn't appear to be "live" yet on Google's end, but give it a try for yourself, maybe it's only my drive account. Update instructions you might have to click the refresh button also
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