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Where is the "Already Donated" link?

Using Chrome with several other of Jason's extensions with no problems. In The google drive extension, where is the already donated button. There is nothing in the upper right corner of the donation tab. 


  • Lol, that's cause there is nothing to donate for in the google drive extension there are no extra features in that extension :)
  • LOL, How would anyone know?
  • good point, but then again how can anyone know there's no extra features in Facebook or Windows etc. ;)
  • You win.... but you got the point
  • edited March 2015
    are you a long time user? i recently redesigned the drive extension, how do you like the new look?
  • New user for this extension. You might consider doing something with the favicon visibility/appearance. I haven't had a chance to dig into it. Thank you for taking the time to chat. Please continue the excellent work. Now, back to work.
  • edited November 2015
    I just donated, but I do not find the already donated button on the extension. 
  • Yet another stupid question, I cannot find the "Already Donated" button after going through the FAQ/Wiki. I'm just dumb... Can you please post a screenshot?
  • @david.chia

    Go to Options page
    Open Contribute page
    Top right you'll see "Already Donated"

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