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Make Specific Label's Notify Stay on Top?

I have created a user label. I have both the "inbox" and "user" marked for desktop notify (w/ different sounds). If an "inbox" email arrives after the "user" email, I would like to have the newest "user" email remain on top. This would be nice after having left the computer for a while without leaving the sound notifier run all the time.

I also monitor both a regular gmail account and one administered by my employer.

?? Is there a way to do this now? Did I miss it?

If it could be suggested, perhaps a desktop notify by account/ label/category priority display choice. Yes it could be a "donate" feature.
Maybe just blink the bar icon for the chosen labels or categories?


  • You could try disabling this option
    i think it would then sort all emails by newest to oldest
  • OK let me rephrase

    "user" arrives @ 9 am.  "inbox" arrives @ 9:05 am and wipes out the displayed "user" notification.

    I  look at the screen @ 9:30 and all I see is the "inbox" notify.

    I would like to see the newest "user" notify even when it is older than the "inbox" one and over riding "inbox" in either account.

    Again, might be easier to blink the icon for a user chosen label.

    It is a great addition to gmail. I appreciate the individual sound options. 

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