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Notification "pop up" window stopped - Yosemite

Notification is enabled for mail in notification center. Checker Plus doesn't show any notifications.
With mail notification disabled   Checker plus doesn't show pop up notifications.
I have multiple accounts and everything worked great before the switch to Yosemite

I'm using Airmail 2 - osx Yosemite

Please advise


  • edited February 2015
    So obviously this sounds like an OS specific issue.
    Can you run the "test it out" link in the Notification options?
    your statements are a bit confusing though...
    notifications is enabled - checker plus doesn't show notifications
    notifications are disabled - checker plus doesn't show notifications (isn't that what "disabled" should do)

    Actually forget everything I just wrote, i just re-read your last statement and you mentioned "Airmail" ... this is not related to my Gmail extension!

    my Gmail extension provides Gmail notifications, Airmail is a separate or different app or software with possibly it's own notifications.
  • hi,

    I found the culprit. It's not related to your extension.
    Everything works now.

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