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Account Color picker

edited February 2015 in Checker Plus for Gmail
The color picker for different email accounts is currently quite limited in that it only allows you to slide to pick colors. I propose adding an option set colors by RGB and/or hex values.image


  • That's a great suggestion. If this thread gets more attention I will concentrate my efforts on it and thanks for the screenshot.
  • You have recently introduced Material Design to Checker Plus for Gmail.  Colo(u)r choice is now more important with multiple accounts (I hadn't bothered with it before). It would be nice if we could choose a colour from the material design color pallette (http://www.google.com/design/spec/style/color.html#color-color-palette). Does Google offer you a nice web tool to make that easy?
  • @andrew.brown

    I think my new color picker is pretty versatile now, but it's a good suggestion and thanks for researching the new design :)

  • It's versatile, but RGB is more accurate for choosing colors.
  • edited June 2015
    Good point, but as a developer of an extension for the general public, I must find the balance between those who know and don't know what RGB is. The latter is the vast majority of my user base and it's the reason I try to simplify things. I will take note of this, however and if there are more comments on this then I will find a way.
  • I have no used the old colour picker, but I can see it from Joshua's screenshot. The new one is fine in that you can easily select a colour in the spectrum without knowing colour numbers. That's not the point I was trying to make. I think there is too much choice.  

    The material design palette lists a restricted set of colours, all of which look good and work well together. I think it provides more than enough scope for user preference and would be easier to select than a full spectrum colour palette.

    BTW. Am I correct in assuming that I could save settings to file and hack the jasn file to set colours by number?
  • @andrew.brown
    For the BTW - yes - but I think this is all overkill, honestly with a slight movement of the mouse i'm pretty sure you can find an ideal color unless you are a numerologist ;)
  • edited June 2015
    Setting colours by RGB and/or hex values is a great idea, I don't know a lot but understand the values etc...

    I currently use one of these to get the values I need, its a function of a paint program I use and is pretty useful for setting up colours on my site and elsewhere

  • @peter.gibb
    woaw yeah that is going to scare a lot of my users, but let's see how popular the request the need is first.
  • edited June 2015
    Mmm, its not that scary really, just drag the cursor around the colour pallette, copy the RGB value to clip board - Then paste into where ever you need it...

  • Maybe at least add to choose color by HTML code?
  • edited July 2015

    Now you can completely customize all the css with skins and themes... http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes
  • I understand the themes purpose. I just want each email account to be specific to the corresponding colors of the account.

    Personal Email: Not important, I choose red.
    Business 1: FF00FF
    Business 2: 00CED0
  • @mike.weiss

    Here is the custom css use you can use in the skins dialog, notice here i am targeting the email account blah@gmail.com you copy/past that line and target several emails with different color codes

    .account[email='blah@gmail.com'] .accountHeader {background-color:rgb(52,122,2) !important}
  • Cool. Thank you. This helps a lot. 

    I was having difficulty finding the CSS to modify to get that done. Maybe create an article of common CSS code.
  • @jason.savard 
    I'm not familiar with css, but if i modified that to say "color:hex" could I use hexadecimal values for the colors instead?
  • @mike.weiss

    good point, let's say that "article" is now this thread :)

    @ joshua

    it's standard CSS i am using so the syntax for hex would be color:#ffde22  (so # and 6 letters/numbers, i suggest you google it though
  • I was also wondering if there is a way to change the notifications of each email from the corresponding account to the same color?
  • @mike.weiss

    no sorry, chrome has given me limited control over the notifications.
  • @jason.savard Thanks for the help, I finally got it looking the way I want.image
  • edited September 2015
    Two issues right now with the color picker:
    • Issue #1: The account toolbar ("core-toolbar" element) text/icons are always white. If the user sets the toolbar's background to white (via the color picker), the toolbar effectively becomes invisible since now it's white text/icons on a white background. Even worse, it's impossible to undo this white setting without blindly clicking for the proper toolbar dropdown button or using the Chrome Inspector. Most users would probably resort to clearing all their settings for this extension...
      Solution: Either prohibit white (via minimum values for in the CSS rgb(r, g, b)") or (preferably) just add a color picker for the toolbar text/icon color.
    • Issue #2: The color picker has no way to pick grey or any precise colors (which is the main complaint of this thread).
      Solution: Add a simple text input field for an RGB hex value. Satisfies both Jason's requirement for UI simplicity and everyone else's requirement for a precise color picker (including allowing grey). Here's a mockup:
  • edited September 2015

    ok I like the visual suggestion, with lots of attention now brought to this discussion, I have decided to integrate the change in the next update, here's a preview with the css value of rgba(2,2,2,0.2) and with a background image skin - looking lovely :)

  • In the above example, I see two accounts, jason and richie. How do you change the display 'names' of the accounts ( as of now mine show the full email addresses of the accounts) and also the colours for the account? Earlier in the thread, jason is a gold and richie is a blue? Are those features part of the paid functions? thanks

  • @GideonBrontë Use the 3 little dots to the right of each account to see all the options.

  • Got it.....thanks...when I was first setting up I didn't hover to see the contribution part! Will definitely be doing that :) thanks again

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