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Be able to mute some documents

Hi see more and more the need to be able to mute the notification of certains docs. The first one is always needed, but once you know this is under work it's not so useful to get notified each and every time it's changed.


  • Yeah my girlfriend keeps reminding me of the same need, i'll start development on it ;) ...
  • ;-) excellent, thanks a lot. Good luck to you.
  • Now it's there, good !!
  • haha, yup, and you can reset them in the options if you make a mistake.
  • Hi,

    A quick input for a bug or bad experience. When muting a single doc in a long list of updated docs, the list is then closed. Whereas if you close (using the cross) you can still naviguate the list.
  • hmm i can't see that in the code, are you saying if there are 2 (or more) notifications and click Mute one, the other one will automatically close?

    can you double check and make sure it didn't just disappear into the tray at the bottom as a bell icon
  • Just the notification list is closed, you then still open it back. but this a different behavior then from using the cross to close one.
  • Ah ok I have no control on that behaviour, that's a Chrome thing.
  • That was my guess. Thanks 
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