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Gmail Tasks



  • New google tasks please!
  • What he said ^^^
  • I'm willing to put a $$ bounty on it. I need tasks notifications!
  • adding google tasks would be sweet
  • Hi all- checking in to see where things are on the Keep vs. Tasks integration with Checker Plus. I'd love to have access to my Tasks. 
  • I use Reminders over Tasks.  I would love to have the reminders that i have on my google calendar sync up with this extension!!
  • Hi... any updates on an integration for reminders linked to Google Tasks? I would LOVE to see this!!!!!
  • I also would like this.
  • Hi Jason! I wonder if it is possible to add done/undone feature for Gcal Checker Plus. I would be great to mark an event as done/undone and see all my undone in one place. Thank you
  • Hi Jason!
    I am a contributor and new to your work. 
    I would very much like to see an integration with Google Tasks AND Reminders.  They work a little differently and both serve a role for me. 
    I used Keep for awhile when suddenly... POOF!  All the Keep data was gone on my GSuite account.  A long webchat with Google resulted in (essentially) "there is a bug and we will fix it someday but for now don't put anything on Keep you can't afford to lose".  So I no longer use "Keep-Until-It-Disappears" and instead use the reliable but tedious front end provided by Google.
    The integration everyone is asking for would be very helpful.
  • I am trying to make my time and workflow more efficient.  I just found your extension and it is SUCH a help in streamlining the calendars of my three Google accounts into my daily life...  What I have not found is an effective way of tracking my to-dos and "thought catchers" without having several different applications to you.  I had just about settled on using Tasks (to-dos, though I like some of the features of Any.do better) and Keep (thought catchers), and was loving their handy side-by-side with Google calendar as shown below, but those don't show at all in Checker Plus.  I would love to see this integrated!  At least tasks (since they are dated and show on my Google Calendar), if not Keep.
  • edited about seven months ago
    @Jason Mate, for 4 years you keep saying you'll consider adding tasks / keep to Checker Plus, but first Google needs to do this and that and so on. Apparently now there's an API, there's an integrated approach from Google and your paying contributors are asking for it. So what do you say, are you doing it or not?
  • @OnutzVerde To correct you, the API I am waiting for is for Google Keep not Tasks, more info https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/36760910, but I will investigate this tasks thing again to see what can be done. But such an integration can be complex just with the layout in the small extension popup calendar view.
  • Oh, so actually there's no API for Keep yet. I apologize. I see they only care for Keep, not for Tasks...
  • Hi Jason,

    Google Tasks has finally a quite nice integration with gmail and google calendar. I would be happy with an add-on to show a similar google task functionality in the browing as a brand new "Checker Plus for Google Tasks" ;-)

  • +1 for Tasks. Tasks are here today and we use them as an integral part of Google Calendar ... and it's quite missing the point to not see them in the extension. There's no reason to wait for Keep, esp. with Google guys who try and abandon many things.

  • Big fan and occasional contributor. Add me to the chorus who'd like to see Gmail tasks show on Checker Plus for GCal. It would be a great feature to help me stay organized.

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