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Gmail Tasks



  • I use both keep and tasks, and I have no strong attachment to either. I prefer tasks because it is fully integrated in the calendar.

    In any case, we all could use a well developed and useful "Checker" extension for reminders integrated with google calendar.

    thanks for the great tools.

  • I use both checker + for gmail and calendar ...  I also use g tasks and they display nicely on calendar but not on checker ... are you going to integrate ?  status?
  • @alan.yoshioka

    I have to strongly disagree I think Google tasks actually looks really bad, I started using Google Keep and I believe Google will replace google tasks with Google Keep. I am just waiting for the Google to release the API for this. More info on others requesting the same access https://code.google.com/p/google-apps-script-issues/issues/detail?id=3477
  • tasks is nicely integrated into gmail and calendar so I dont use keep for scheduling or task management ... that being said I will look for workaround as this works nicely for me ... if I have time I will look more into keep but seems like more work to me ... thanks for getting back on this 
  • @alan.yoshioka

    ok no problem, it should be noted that Inbox by Gmail has integration with Google Keep.
  • yeah but not using keep for dated tasks ... you like it for that ... seems that by simply having the gtasks on right sidebar while in gmail ... adding tasks, etc is MUCH simpler for my workflow ... no need for opening app or extensions .. just add task ...  will look into the keep integration with gmail .. thanks ... 
  • Please add tasks. Calendar doesn't live up without tasks.
  • edited February 2016
    Now Google has yet another to do list thingy, "Reminder" in Android Google Calendar App. This does not integrate with the Web Google Calendar, Android Gmail, Web Gmail or Web Keep; they need to make up their mind.

    At least "Keep" integrates with Android Google Calendar yet "Keep Reminders" can only be created in Keep. It may integrate with Inbox, but I don't use it yet; it does not have the "All inboxes" yet and my school Google App accounts don't work with Inbox yet.

    I vote to have "Tasks" integrated because even though they are not integrated with the Android Google Calendar App, they are integrated with the Android GTasks App & the Web Google Calendar. Tasks are the only fully integrated desktop and mobile solution I have discovered as of yet.
  • @roy.gallier

    Great analysis, this ecosystem needs to be organized first by Google and i've held out this long so i'm hopeful it all be integrated sooner then later as I see inbox by gmail and google keep make some progress with reminders.
  • +1 on the tasks for me. I've tried 3 different extensions just to get my tasks to show up. It looks like they've been working on Keep for a couple of years now. I like tasks because it's is simple, and integrated with Google Calendar on my phone. 
  • Would love a Keep or Tasks extension, whichever way Google decides to go.  I just wish they would decide already! :)
  • Yes, +1 for tasks within Checker Plus for Google Calendar, please.
  • Would love tasks integration!
  • Sorry to be a pig, but would like it all:  Tasks, Keep, "Inbox by Gmail" reminders and pure google reminders
  • Perhaps, I am missing something, but, now, Google has integrated, displayed and synced Reminders on their Chrome and Android calendars, but when I click your pop-up calendar, my Reminders do not appear.  Have I missed some option setting somewhere, or are Reminders not yet included in your app?

  • @AlanPeck Please re-read my response at the top of this thread and star the issue.
  • @Jason I am using google tasks and it is useful to see them on the calendar.

    All the existing extensions aren't cmfy enough, please consider this as a news extension if needed.

  • Any updates on whether or not Google Reminders or Google Tasks are available on Calendar Checker Plus?
  • I just contributed to this extension because it really is SO much better than the "by Google" one I had been using. I wanted to throw my two cents in on this one, because this is the one additional integration that would make this calendar much more efficient in my daily workflow. Google Tasks seem to be phasing out. I know heavy google users are so used to using these by default that this is difficult to accept. Google REMINDERS are the way to go. Basically used the same way tasks always have been, but they (not tasks) are integrated with the Google Calendar on IOS and also Inbox by Google email. In the native desktop calendar settings, you can click a box to incorporate tasks OR reminders into your calendar. They show up as a separate calendar that can be isolated like any other calendar you add (Called Reminders or tasks, it's own color, can make this default, etc). I switched to reminders a few months ago because tasks weren't showing up on the mobile calendar app or as notifications in my email (Inbox by Google). I'm with one of the commenters above regarding Keep: I liked Keep, it looks nice, but opening another app just doesn't seem time efficient to me. I want to just quick add my tasks (reminders) as I think of them (quickly)....but I also want to trust whatever process I am using to ACTUALLY remind me of these items that need doing. My vote is to please (PLEASE) add reminders. Thank you for reading and thank you for the time you spend developing these extensions. 
  • please make this happen! 
  • i third that emotion
  • I would also REALLY like to see the integration of Google Tasks in Checker Plus for Google Calendar. The tasks API is existing and I have already "played around" with it.

    Please do us all a favor! Your extension will be even better then it is yet! 
    I will donate with 100€ - I promise!
  • +1 for Google Tasks. Google
    Reminders aren't working for my workflow.
    I suppose it's an individual thing. Tasks, Reminders, Keep, they're different.
    Checker Plus is the glue that holds my Google life together! :-)
  • Yes .... would love the integration of Google Reminders/Tasks to Checker Plus for Google Calendar. 
  • Jan 2014: "It's my presumption that Google Tasks will be replaced with Google Keep"
    July 2015: "I can smell the API coming"
    Nov 2015: "I believe Google will replace google tasks with Google Keep"
    ...Jan 2016: Google updates the Tasks API (documentation, at least)
    Feb 2016: "i've held out this long so i'm hopeful it all be integrated sooner then later"
    ...Oct 2017: Google releases new Calendar with refreshed Google Tasks -- and not Keep!

    With the refresh of Google Tasks this quarter, I think it's pretty clear that they won't be replacing it with Keep anytime in the foreseeable future.  Which is a good thing, really, since nearly 5 years now since introducing Keep, Google has not released an API for Keep and has shown zero intent to ever release one (in contrast to the Tasks API, which they've supported and updated for 6.5 years now, with every sign that'll continue).

    I can see how 4 years ago when this thread started it looked like Google might dump Tasks for the new shiny Keep and might open up Keep for 3rd party use.  But neither of those have come to pass, and with their re-commitment to Tasks it's time to stop holding out, bite the bullet and integrate the one API available (which happens to be the one integrated into Google Calendar) into Checker Plus for Google Calendar.
  • @LazyjacksVague Can you send me screenshots of "Google releases new Calendar with refreshed Google Tasks"
  • I assumed Checker Plus would pop something up for my Reminders. It's how I found the extension actually. After testing it I see that it doesn't. All that to say I'm +1'ing here for that function.
    Chrome's notifications for reminders is very poor. It's unfortunate because the speed with which you can SET a reminder is quite fast. But it doesn't do much good to get a reminder in there if the notification on both Chrome and phone (Android) is so far from being a modal dialog of any kind as to go completely unnoticed most of the time.  
    Since Reminders operate within Google Calendar as a discrete "calendar" (looks like one in the UI anyway), I was hoping Checker Plus would just let you add that calendar in the configuration.
  • Still need to run Keep extension or Keep app in android to get reminders. Google Calendar Reminder sync would be great.  
  • Looks like Gmail is getting a facelift soon and I'm seeing some Keep and Tasks icons in there. Will be interesting to find out how this is going to affect those apps.  https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/04/13/gmail-getting-new-web-ui-snooze-smart-replies-early-adopter-program/
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