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Gmail Tasks


I have some tasks linked to calendar and I was wondering if it were possible to link them to your checker plus app for google calendar?


  • It's a good suggestion, if this thread gets lots of comments I will do it.
  • Count my vote for yes.
  • It's my presumption that Google Tasks will be replaced with Google Keep - https://drive.google.com/keep/
    If you find evidence of the contrary then let me know, until then I will wait till Google Keep publishes an API that I can use to integrate it into the calendar.
  • It would be great to have google tasks/keep in checker plus! Btw, just donated! Great great extensions, I use both the gmail and calendar ones daily!
  • please make this happen! I'd like to check my tasks on Checker Plus for Google Calendar!!
  • Hi, I am already using (and contribute) to Google Calendar Checker. Integration with Google Task would be great. However, the thing I miss more is not integration with google calendar, it is integration with gmail (both are valuable, of course).
    I have been using Any.do service but it is not working right and they provide their own taks (that can be sync with google taks). 
    Maybe a new extension also integrating google tasks into the gmail page for rapid creation of tasks from an email could be very useful for some/many of us.
    I did not write about google tasks/keep. You can find currently in gmail a way to create events (for google calendar) and tasks (for google task) but both s**ks, so I use your Jason's calendar extension also for the former purpose and any.do for the second one. Second one is not very convenient creating their own taks (and bad service were I get continously "Opssss! but server connection, sorry..."
  • This is a great idea! I would use it heavily
  • Yes, pls. make it happen!
  • I would really love this feature. Thanks in anticipation.
  • I also want this feature
  • It would be great to have task integration... right now they show up as the Task calendar in the browser and are integrated into the Business calendar app on android.  Seems weird they aren't showing up in Checker Plus.  Haven't heard anything Keep replacing Tasks, although I suppose that makes sense.  However, may be a long wait since keep isn't now integrated with anything - kind of it's own island.  
  • I keep monitoring Google Keep and it definitely looks more impressive and it is definitely being updated frequently with new features whereas I have seen no further progress with Google Tasks since it's inauguration. Because of the popularity of this request I will keep listening until google releases an API for Google Keep.
  • i would like this feature too, it would be very convenient
  • Tasks should be a source of embarrassment for Google. Hope you can do something to bring it into the 21st Century.
  • If your app could also show the tasks at the top of the day, it would be absolutely perfect for me.
  • I'd contribute immediately for this feature. Fantastic extension otherwise!
  • It would be a greatly helpful extension. I'd contribute in testing and translating it.
  • Also, would be able to see my tasks at a glance as well
  • Finally it's here! Sharing and collaboration! Can't wait for the Checker Plus extension :p

  • @wilbur.taute it's a great leap in the right direction, but Google has yet to release the API, once they do I'll make sure to investigate it.
  • +1 for tasks integration (if only for display if not interactivity), regardless of the Keep development. What I've read in this thread
    seems like unification of (calendar) Tasks, Keep, Now and all the various platforms and the apps might take months if not longer... 
  • Hi Jason,
    please implement tasks!

    I will use it a lot...
    Please, please, please!


  • Please start working on integrating tasks now if you predict keeps api will be released longer then a year. I will donate more for this feature once the code is polished. 
  • @jeremy.brown

    Thanks for commenting here :) I'll be honest i've been using google keep very often, now it has expanded since to include sharing notes between users such as my girlfriend and applying reminders that are integrated with Inbox by Gmail, it is getting very versatile and I can smell the API coming.
  • Yeah, I also use keep, and I like it a lot. I look forward to seeing it in action on checker plus.
  • The problem I have with keep is that it does not integrate into calendar, as a task manager naturally should. Even if you just built it into checker plus for google calendar so as to display to-do items as an event, it would be a massive leap over anything else available right now.
  • @jonathan.rodriguez

    I agree, however, I saw some progress recently in that Keep and "Inbox by Gmail" are syncing reminders.
  • edited August 2015
    Quick follow up: Using Todoist as a task manager, it provides an ICal link that can be displayed on Google Calendar as a custom calendar, which then syncs nicely with Checker Plus for Google Calendar, including popups. Haven't tested it thoroughly, but meets my needs for the time being.
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