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Change font and direction in message box

First off, thank you so much for CheckerPlus. It's wonderful. 

Since I (and probably lots of others) use non-English keyboard, being able to change the font for the body of message (in compose mode) to a more suitable font (like Tahoma, which is so popular for web), as well as making the box RTL would be a great feature. 

Many thanks,



  • good suggestion, do you know how i'm supposed to detect if i am to use the left to right or right to left?
    how do other sites or apps do it?
  • I believe you have to get it from OS, which is hard, because of the diversity, or from Chrome. Another way is to detect from keyboard, like ALT+Shift (which toggles language) or CTRL+Shift (which toggles direction). Otherwise, you may add a button for that and have the user do it. 
    Some of other apps (like Gmail itself, in compose box) do it automatically by detecting the active language.

    BTW, how about the font? Can you add an entry in the setting for that?
  • Actually can you tell me precisely how it works in your Gmail...
    which language is it in currently? and which direction is it in?
    when you start typing in your language which direction is it?
    when you start typing in English does it change automatically?

    as for the font, let's put that as a separate suggestion.
  • It detects the very first letter I type and sets the direction accordingly. Even if I change the language afterwards, the direction will remain the same, unless I change it myself by CTRL+ (right or left) Shift. Since I haven't programmed in years (worked as system analyst for so long), I can't tell you how it does it, but I believe it detects it by OS's character subset.


    The language is Persian / Farsi (very similar to Arabic) and the direction is RTL.
    And yes, as I said, Gmail detects and changes the direction automatically, based on my first typed letter. Although, it allows me to change it as I wish, in order to write a mixed (English + Persian) text.

    I have to mention one more thing. The direction has to be "true RTL" for such languages, and "right alignment" wouldn't do it. Because, for mixed language text, it'll mess up the text. 
  • Ok great news, I found that I can use dir="auto" and it will do all the magic of detecting the language direction once you start typing.

    I will push this fix in the next version.

    Also I just realized that my extension has not been supporting Persian, so I will also update that in the next version. But I need your help to translate :)

    There are a lot of translations BUT only do the important ones like "Mark as Read" or "Delete" etc. (Because most people give up or get discouraged so let's do a first a round only) and maybe in the next version you can add more translations.

    Here is the tool, let me know when you finished the important ones.
  • OK, No problem :)

    I just started the translation. I'll let you know as soon as I'm done. I won't give up!
  • edited December 2013
    There are some words which mean differently in different places or need some other companian word. When I see the final UI, I can decide which is which.

    1$ in minimumAmount really means 1 Dollar or it's a place holder?

  • Yes, that's ok, we can do it in several parts. But note, that it can take a week for me to push the translation updates after I get them from you, because I push updates only every ~ week about.
  • Don't worry about that. Lots of Iranians, including myself, are used to (and mostly prefer) English UI ! I'm doing the translations for the rest.
  • edited December 2013
    There are some sentences, in which a place holder needed, in Persian, but you don't have it in English, because (I guess), it's at the end of the sentence. Although, I have to put it in the middle to make sense. Well, they make sense this way, but they're very awkward. Can you do anything about them? If yes, I'll provide you a list, after I see the semi-final UI.

    I'm done for tonight. I'll go on tomorrow.
  • edited December 2013

    1. Can you take a look at the translation with place holder $1? I think in some cases, not having RTL, has massed them up.

    2. Working with the translator app is a bit awkward. Can I have a file of all entries, so that I can translated it much more faster?
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