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Cannot Unstar Message Once Starred

I have found two unexpected things:
1. If I star a message in the preview screen of the app, then try to unstar it, I cannot do so.
2. If I star a message in the preview screen, then click out of the screen without marking the message as read or archiving it or anything, then go back into the app, the message is not starred.

However, in both of these situations, the message is actually starred in Gmail.

Here is a video of what happens from the point of view of the app:



  • That's a valid bug/suggestion, thanks for the detailed feedback.

    The "one way" starring functionality does work (as you mentioned when you go to your Gmail)

    But, since my extension is used mainly as a one time use for "unread" emails which never usually reappear in my extension once they are read, I have not implemented any "unstarring" functionality or the ability to manage the starred emails afterwards.

    But if this thread gets a lot of attention I'll look into something.
  • That sounds good. It has not caused any problems for me. Mostly I just wanted you to know about it if you didn't already.

    Have a great day :)
  • I would also like the ability to un-star a message, since I usually end up starring by accident when trying to press the archive button.

    Excellent extension, saves me lots of time!
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