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Remove Search Engine added by Extensions (type "Cal" into the address bar to search calendar)

The extension adds a search engine under the Search
engines added by extensions section of the Search engines page
in the Google Chrome settings. This makes it so whenever you type “cal” and
then a space or tab into the address box, it brings up the search for your


Since the custom search engine cannot be removed in the
settings. The only way I have found to remove this is by changing the keyword “cal”
to something obscure that I would not type in. This works temporarily, but
either periodically or when the extension updates, this reverts to the original
“cal” keyword.


Is there a way to completely remove this custom search
engine or disable it?


  • edited December 2014
    I just researched it also and unfortunately Chrome has not yet made that property optional, but you could open a ticket with the Chrome team and suggest it to them, fyi the property is called omnibox and here are the current list of optional properties which I do use when available https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/permissions
  • I will submit a ticket and see how that goes. I was just wondering if it is an option that could be included in the extension as well - since requesting features to be added to Chrome can take a while.
  • It appears that with the most recent Chrome update that the ability to change the keyword is removed. I assume that it is because this is a settings that is supposed to be managed by the extension?

    Is there a settings to do so now?
  • Hmm you're correct, Chrome has changed that setting but they still have not given extension developers any control on omnibox keyword :(

    This means I can only remove that keyword "cal" for all my extension users or individual users as yourself must decide if they want to remove my extension if they absolutely want to use the "cal" command for another purpose.

    ... or complain to the Chrome team via the link I posted previously in this thread and see if they respond.
  • Yea it is kind of annoying. After reading some bug reports and discussion, it seems that their thinking was any search engine added by an extension can be removed by removing the extension. They did not consider the case where an extension has additional functionality besides adding a search engine.

    If they still do not offer the ability to toggle this setting on the developer's end, I guess my only choice of action is submitting another ticket asking them to add a feature to allow users to control it themselves or to allow developers the ability to add a toggle setting.

    Thanks for your quick and useful replies.
  • Feel free to leave a link to your post here also so others can find it also including myself.
  • I have not seen any developments pertaining to the issue of removing search engines added by an extension, at least on the user side. I was wondering if an option has been added for developers to toggle this (or add a user toggle).
  • Your best approach is to open (or find) the issue with the Chrome team here https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/list

    for reference this is api for extension search https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/omnibox

    if you find or create the issue post it back here for me and others to star and follow
  • ok perfect i have starred it.
  • This si strange, as I believe this exact - and, for me, unwanted - behavior started a few weeks or months ago, yet, this seems to be an issue for years. I also would like to disable this 'cal' search engine since i use 'cal' keyword for years to bring up the calendar, without the new event creation feature.

    Is there a way to raise the issue importance on the chrome dev side? I couldn't find any "voting" system on that site..

    Thanks, and keep up the good work, Jason! I love your extensions!

  • You have to click the star, you might have to sign into the page first:


  • @cin forgot to tag you refer to my last message above.

  • I have been dealing with this issue for years... and I never Googled it because I thought nobody would be as pedantic about something like this as me - but I was wrong LOL!

    I never use the search engines for actually searching; I use them only as shortcuts. My muscle memory still has me typing cal... even after years. Seems like the only solution is to keep trying to remember my newer shortcut that is simply ca

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