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Checker Plus not working

edited December 2013 in General

For the last week or so my Gmail Checker Plus has stopped working.

My Chrome is: Version 31.0.1650.57 m , running on Windows 7.

When running the test notification its says mark a message unread. I've done this but it still doesn't recognize it. I have also tried uninstalling it and re installing it but it's still not working.

Any thoughts please
Many thanks Neil


  • Also when hovering over the Gmail icon on the tool bar it says not signed in.
    Thanks again, Neil
  • Sussed it!

    I logged out of google and then back into gmail. On logging back on it said 'Currently being used in 1 other location'. When seeing this the other day I clicked details and clicked 'sign out of other sessions'.

    This must had caused it.

    Sweet Extension!  :-)

  • Thanks for the details, so I presume the issue is resolved now?
  • Yes all working now. Thank you
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