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cannot pay with paypal

edited December 2013 in General
HI Jason, I have been using and enjoying Google Calendar checker plus and tried to donate. I choose to pay with paypal, paypal opens the page,I enter my paypal user and pass, yet, the system refuses, stating the info I entered is wrong.
I go into paypal directly through its own page, and no problems!! I am getting suspicious maybe I am being directed into a hacker site through your website??


  • No, my presumption is that you probably have a 2 step authentication or security key associated to your Paypal account which my Paypal service "within" the extension is not able to handle. An alternative is to use Google Wallet or use the Paypal service from my website instead which does support the 2 step authentication http://jasonsavard.com/contribute but leave me a note when you use that one so that I know which email address to manually unlock for the extra features.
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