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Calendar Room support

Please, add calendar room support to your plugin. This extra functionality is available at Google Apps for Business in Calendars.


  • Unfortunately I don't have access to this to test it :(
  • I might take to you an access to business gmail account. How can I send you an access to such kind of gmail account?
  • I don't know, I think you would have to create a new email under your google apps domain.
  • Yes, I'he done it.
    Please, go on http://gmail.com and use **** to login in business account I have just created for you. Please, change this password immediately then. 
  • Thank you, i've tested it now, but it seems like it does work, except that it puts the "room" as a location, look at my screenshot...
  • Can you create an event with a room from the list?
  • Yes I was able to do that, that's the event you see in the screenshot. Technically in Google's code it places the "room" as a "location" and so my extension does not have access to know if it's a room, it just sees the location.
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