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Opening Links in Background without Closing Checker Popup Window (Huge Efficiency Potential)

Love this app, donated to it, use it everyday multiple times for email triage.  My biggest hangup at the moment is when I come across a link in a Checker window where I want to delete the email, but *open the link first*.  
* If I click directly on the link, I lose the Checker window and can't check the rest of my mail
* If I right-click on the link, I don't get the standard option to open it in a new tab because right-click is limited or disabled
Thus my lame half-solution is to copy the url to my clipboard, delete the email, finish my triage, and then remember to copy-paste the url in a new tab.

For me the brilliance of Checker Plus is speed and it's limitation has been the impersistence of the popup window.  Recent changes have made the window much more persistent (like not losing messages you started typing but didn't finish or copy), but this is one area where I wish I could maintain efficiency without losing the Window so darn easily.

It's frustrating because the rest of the experience is getting so darn good.

Thanks for a great product, Jake


  • Try holding Ctrl while you click links or even when clicking "Open" buttons :)
    ... This works on Windows, hopefully it works on Chrome OS
  • Sweet, holding Ctrl works!  (I am indeed on a chromebook)  Thanks, Jake
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