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Frequency Interval for Syncing



My environment is Checker (Checker Plus for Google Calendar)
extension installed on Google Chrome in a Windows 7 Pro on Dell 755 desktop. I
have the “Run in background when Google Chrome is closed” enabled.


Everything is working fine but I find a fair amount of delay
before the Checker syncs with my Google Calendar. I haven't timed the exact delay
but it's certainly more than ten minutes. Using the "Refresh" option
in the Checker also doesn't update (sync) itself. Attached is a snapshot
showing Checker on top of Google Calendar where items are synced at 18:03 (red
arrows) but not the 18:08 event (blue arrow).


My questions thence are:

1. Is there an option in the Checker to configure (control) the
frequency-interval of sync.

2. Why wouldn't using the Refresh option in Checker update itself
with the Google Calendar.





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