Work to Bike & Bike to Work

Sometimes I feel that programming only makes a virtual difference and that’s why I’m also an urban biking advocate.

A few years ago, I joined an urban cycling association in my neighbourhood. I encourage you to do this or create your own. It’s fun, social and it promotes a healthy lifestyle while reducing our carbon footprint.

How to Proceed

  • Invent a name
  • Start a Facebook Page
  • Recruit your neighbours
  • Organize monthly meetings

Ideas will flow and the association will grow
Eventually you’ll meet an elected official and point out everything that is crucial
Take a photo of an issue and tag them on Facebook so no one can argue.

Success Stories

Our association pointed out a dangerous intersection, and with persistent pressure, the  borough mayor listened and added a bike path making it safer for all.

We have several meetings per year with elected officials and they value our ability as citizens to identify issues.

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