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Don’t get 2-timed, get 2 Factor Authentication

It’s simple, it’s something you know, like a password AND …

Something you own, like a cellphone, tablet or security key etc.

Why use it?

Because hacking your password can be done from anyone (7.6 billion people) and anywhere (195 countries), but stealing your phone limits it to someone in your immediate surroundings, 1 country but maybe only 2 people near you right now and they would also need to know your password.

How it works?

Just visit the security section of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Amazon etc. and look for 2 factor authentication (2FA) it’s easy to setup.

Once enabled you will sign in with a password AND it will ask for a code that will be on your phone or other device etc.


The code can be sent to your device via SMS or it can be generated by an app like Google Authenticator on your device. The latter is even more secure because SMS can be hacked at your phone service provider level or by someone trying to impersonate you. The authenticator app doesn’t require any middle man.

4 Replies to “Don’t get 2-timed, get 2 Factor Authentication”

  1. Thanks Jason, I’ve known I should go for 2FA for awhile, maybe yrs, but your blog #2 explained it better than ever. I will try to find that Random# generator soon.

    As to your request for feedback on what I’d like to read from your new blog: Judging from your current blog, I s/b able to follow and enjoy whatever you write about. I am always an underachiever on PC, Tablet and Cell phones. My current Note 5 is so damaged, it often receives texts a day late. I guess I’d love a blog on cell fones, but that is for another day.

    Strangely, Win10 updates seem to be saving my current Asus laptop from the garbage bin of history, but it is nip and tuck. Probably re-installing Windows would have helped even before new version available. But I always fear unnecessary failures, so I let it linger. I’d love to read about such overall maintenance issues on all computer varieties. I can usually make them work, but always problems linger, probably mostly not understanding well SW options.

    What free anti-virus programs do you like? A year ago, a friend recommended IoBit, and it has performed well, as far as I can tell. It is a pain to keep updating, seems like 2x/weekly, but it covers every issue I am aware of. Updates Drivers, ASC does a dozen things, even touching registry, which I would never do on my own. Pity it is not on android. (BTW, can android be pushed onto laptop, replacing Win10?)

    Where would I read about bargain purchase of a new desktop? The usual magazines are useless, wading through dozens of ads, and maybe one article that is productive.
    It seems desktop is the most economical, especially since my laptop has not left home for 5 yrs.

    In general, I am hoping for a blog with an integrated approach to my whole machine. I just tonight spent an hour locating your email ads block on the right side. I had it for a few years, but Win10 update must have blown it out. BTW, despite my best recall, Win10 updated without my authorization, and seems to have made it more difficult to find fotos, documents, as several folders disappeared from my desktop. Major inconvenience, but seems they are all living, just no longer at my fingertips.

    Good luck with your new project, I believe I am signed on for updates, both directly and FB.


  2. For me, since a while I read tests about free-antivirus, it’s Avira.

    Nota : AVG and Avast is the same society.

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