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Too Many Permissions

A good developer will only request permissions necessary for the app to perform its basic function. A lazy or suspicious one will ask for all permissions to speed up their development, and leave you with security risks.

Opt-In Permissions

Some app platforms now support opt-in permissions. Users can install apps and demo it with almost no initial permissions. If the user selects a function requiring permissions, the app prompts them to accept or deny them as they explore the app. A perfect example is my screenshot extension which only requests the microphone if you choose the option to record your voice with a video.

The new Apps are Web Apps

Apps just like software have to be installed and updated, web apps are just websites you visit with extra coding like Google Docs with the latest updates.

They both can provide push notifications and offline experiences thanks to Progressive Web App technology. Apps have to be developed with different programming languages for Android, iOS or Windows Phones and are far more expensive and time consuming to build. Web apps only have to be programmed once and are available to every browser and device, and OS.

An example is my Breaking News web app

Permission Tips

  • Ask yourself: Do I really need the app?
  • Look for similar apps and compare permissions
  • Read the reviews
  • Google the developer

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