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The Future of Browsing

Websites launch beta versions for you to try and so do the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Chrome Stable (current version)
Most people use this channel and are not aware of the others. It’s updated every 6 weeks from the Chrome Beta channel.

Chrome Beta (1 version ahead)
See the upcoming features a month before they arrive on Chrome Stable.

Chrome Dev (2 versions ahead)
Quick updates every week and it reveals what the devs are working on right now with experimental features and definite bugs.

Chrome Canary (3 versions ahead)
Bleeding edge with the latest untested features.

Why all these versions? Because they test their new features on them while fixing the bugs as they go up the channels. Once they hit Chrome Stable it’s bug free and the average user wasn’t aware of any issues!

I also use Chrome Beta to test my extensions for bugs before they get to you and it’s also where I flag the Chrome team of their bugs. For these reasons I only support my extensions on Chrome Stable for a bug free experience.


These release channels are also available on different devices and OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS see which version you are running. Firefox also has similar release channels.

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