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Screenshots Worth a Thousand Words

Writing takes a lot of time, but screenshots take a few seconds.

My users sometime suggest things which already exist. So I use my extension to take a screenshot of the feature, circle it and reply with the image without typing a word! It’s fast, free and fun.

Faster than Paint

Too many steps when using Paint:

  1. Copy screen (Alt+PrtScr)
  2. Find Paint
  3. Open Paint
  4. Paste screen (Ctrl+V)
  5. File > Save as
  6. Close Paint
  7. Good luck finding the file and reopening it to attach in Gmail

Screenshot extension steps:

  1. Click screenshot button in browser
  2. Draw and click Done
  3. Click Download or Copy button
  4. Paste into Gmail

Never Lost in Translation

It’s extremely useful when I get questions in multiple languages and saves me lots of time with lengthy written instructions.

For Bugs & Features

It also works for missing features or bugs. I’ll often ask my users to send me screenshots of issues. The information is literally worth a lot of words, because it quickly gives me context, like browser used, screen size, colors, language used, options enabled etc.

Free Hand Drawing

Use the extension for quick mockups, write text, draw arrows, lines, or blur some private info.

Try the extension Explain and Send Screenshots for Chrome or Firefox.

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