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Making extensions safer with manifest v3

It’s taken me 6 months to migrate all my extensions to this new extension standard to improve security and performance of the browser ecosystem.

Essentially all extensions will have to migrate over by June 2024 for Chrome or they will be disabled and removed from the browser.

One of the toughest challenges going from V2 to V3 was data could live in memory indefinitely because they had long-lived background page that took up resources, even when an extension wasn’t running. In V3 the the extension only runs when needed and therefore it is removed from memory whenever it’s idle. This will improve performance by reducing memory usage as it will be completely unloaded periodically. But it also means all data has to be written and restored from storage when it’s called upon.

With every browser update, which now happens every 6 weeks! There are some new APIs and capabilities that improve the platform and that means users need to have the most up to date browsers to support these changes for security purposes.

I do not support older versions for those same security reasons and quite honestly because I want to spend my time improving my extensions with the latest features.

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