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How I Make a Living Online

Do what you love and share it with others. I’m just a lazy programmer who loves to code to improve my daily life.

Leave your job

It will give you the time and motivation you need to start a business. It’s a risk I never regretted, but trust me you won’t want to go back even if you could.

Cut your expenses

You will not make money from the start, so cut that pressure by cutting your expenses: rent vs mortgage, car sharing vs owning, Netflix vs cable, craigslist vs shopping.

Apps, Blog, Photos, Videos

Produce content that’s original, improve upon your competition and listen to your users’ feedback. They can be mean and it will be difficult to ignore or respond politely, but it can be very rewarding.

A/B Testing

Try 2 different versions of any new content and measure the anonymous data. Change the color, text, size, duration and see what people prefer, pick the winner and repeat.


People like pretty things, and as a developer, it was hard to accept that. So develop your brand with beautiful logos, screenshots and interface. Your audience could be speak any language so translate your content. Cross market all your content.


Add a contribution method and accept any amount and payment method. Host a website for your products, FAQ, forum and blog and place ads on it using Google Adsense. You might be tempted to host these things on other sites like Facebook, but they’re just getting the ad money instead of you!

3 Replies to “How I Make a Living Online”

  1. Dude, U R SO AWESOME! I’m from China, an foreign trade sales. Thx so much! Btw, will you keep updating this programme?

  2. I loved the “it is hard to not take it personally”, I take everything personal when I am working for a client because I want it to be perfect and have the added Stress of never letting my Father Down who has passed, His number one thing was “When you leave this world all you take is your Name make sure it is a GOOD ONE! After he passed I added my Maiden name to Business things and it was a good one he passed to me and I have to keep it as such. He was an amazing man and was known by name in his work community, Love your apps can’t wait to use them thankyou!!

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