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Gmail doesn’t care about periods

Joe says:
“What’s your email?”
Mary replies:
Joe says:
“Is there a period?”
Gmail says:
“Whatever you like, I’m period blind!”

All emails below will reach the same person and no one can register a similar email with different periods.


Try it! Send yourself an email by adding periods in your name.


It’s great for testing/registering multiple accounts on a website because they do recognize periods as a different accounts, but the emails will all go to you.

Go even further with Gmail and append a plus (“+”) sign and any combination of words like marywhite+bank@gmail.com or marywhite+strangewebsite@gmail.com

You can set up a filter to automatically star, archive or label emails addressed to bank+strangewebsite. If you get emailed or spammed you’ll also know the source and can always use my Gmail extension to quickly delete spam.

One Reply to “Gmail doesn’t care about periods”

  1. I like adding an appendix (+feature). Apart from the filter, one might find out where unsolicited emails come from – unless they strip the + appendix!

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