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Don’t Take it Personally

When your brand is you and you work everyday on your products, it’s hard not to take it personally.

The 1 Star Hijack

“If you add X then I’ll give you 5 stars” This nullifies all my efforts and the other perfectly functioning aspects of my products. It assumes your specific request is the essence of my product and nothing else matters, it does not motivate me as a developer.

-1 Star Per Bug

I confirm that at any given moment, my products have several bugs and that method would not be fair. Bugs are good if they are temporary. They are indicative of new features being continually introduced. Bugs are sometimes confined to only a few users due to multiple factors and can be hidden from developers, so send them a screenshot with details and they’ll quickly get fixed.

Angry Reviews

My biggest lesson in dealing with users is realizing they write when they are angry, but be very apologetic once you listen to them and respond politely.

How to Respond to Reviews

  • Acknowledge and apologize
  • Ask how you can do better
  • Ignore trolls

Reviews That Keep me Going


Kevin R.:

In my personal experience, positive reinforcement goes much further towards inspiring useful reciprocation in others than negative reinforcement, especially in cases like this where someone is volunteering his skills and time with no promise of payment in kind. Remember that you are the one asking for something from Jason, while you offer only verbal disdain and the promise of a possible future contribution in return. I know it is far too easy to take the generosity of developers for granted these days, but just try to remember they are people too, and you’ll have a much nicer experience by trying to make friends rather than enemies. It is ok to be nice to people, I promise you. Be well, friend. 🙂

Eric H.:

Solid functionalities and a solid attentive programmer that clearly take pride in his work. Do not use a review opportunity to hide your lack of personal knowledge or laziness to learn the basics. Understand a tool and ask Jason for help in the forum he’s designed to support us all! If you want to throw rocks like a child there are plenty of rip off artists out there to throw a tantrum on. This gentleman is clearly a professional with passion and deserves fair reviews. From free to a very minimal donation for the ROI these tools provide – there is no peer. THANK YOU JASON.

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