Checker Plus Homepage

Access all your Checker Plus widgets from one homepage: Gmail, Calendar and Google Drive.

Make it your new tab page and customize it! See the weather or your most visited sites, choose background themes or set dark mode.

I just developed it, so feedback is welcome.

Try it here:

4 Replies to “Checker Plus Homepage”

  1. Hey Jason – love all your extensions, I upgraded to the full versions and have really enjoyed them.
    >> One question regarding your homepage extension, specifically when using the google search box (from within your default homepage… the search engine that it directs me to looks like a custom google search, but it is formatted strange and looks very blank on my screen… Is there any way to have my search results appear on the default google search engine?

    Hopefully this makes sense. Let me know if you need a screenshot or more detail. Thank you!

    1. Good question, so one method is to use the options menu at the top left and follow the “make this the new tab page” > and use the new tab iframe extension.

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