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A Taste of Programming

What guarantees you a job or instantly creates a business?
What makes a morning commute, an alarm clock and a boss obsolete?
What allows you creative freedom to produce games or solve world problems?

The answer is programming.

How did you learn to walk?

You learned by example and copied your parents. This is how I learned programming, and still do! Find a code sample, copy paste, and play around with it until it runs or walks 🙂

Start with JavaScript because it’s easy and used everywhere from extensions to websites, right click any webpage and view source. I created this sample code for you to play with, but there are more advanced ones too.

Learn to Google and often

I often get emails asking me questions, which I just end up Googling on their behalf and sending them the results. ex. How do I uninstall your extension? How do you write extensions? How do you change the font?

Baby steps

Start with 1 line of code and run the program and see the results. Then add another, if it breaks, remove it and try again, if it fails, Google it.

Binary debugging

If you have several lines of code and want to find something specific, just divide the code in 2 and remove half and run it. Repeat until it affects what you were looking for.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

With millions of programmers in the world I guarantee some parts of your program already exist. These are called libraries and APIs which you just insert into your code.

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