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Install the app from my homepage

Auto-detecting signed in accounts

  • If you sign-in to your account the app will auto-detect it (Want to remember your sign in)
  • If you have multiple accounts just sign in using Gmail's multiple sign-in
  • Try signing out and in to each account again (Sometimes Gmail's cookies expire after account inactivity)
  • Make sure you are not using other extensions which mistakenly block Gmail cookies for privacy or tracking purposes (like Disconnect, CCleaner or Ghostery etc.) They may sign you out of your Gmail
  • Make sure you have not checked this option Turn off regular Gmail checking and only check Google Apps
  • Make sure you have not chosen to Ignore some email accounts in the options
  • Make sure you have not chosen to Keep local data only until I quit my browser
  • Make sure you have the Latest stable versions
  • If your accounts are not all being detected and as last resort, try clearing your cookies which might have become corrupted over time
  • Try restarting your browser
  • Try restarting your computer (OS updates might cause issues)
  • Did you use the "Sign out all other sessions" from your Gmail account activity? That will also sign out the extension - just sign out and into your Gmail again so that the extension recognize the signin again.
  • Delegated accounts will not be detected because you are not officially signing into them
  • Using custom domains that are not Gmail or Google Apps then refer to this possible issue/solution
  • Try the Add accounts manually option instead of auto-detecting
  • Last resort, try the Corrupt browser profile instructions

Emails not being deleted or marked as read

  • After executing email actions via my extension - they might not be immediately reflected in your open Gmail tab, try clicking refresh button in your Gmail page or refresh the entire Gmail page (or simply wait a few seconds or minutes for Gmail to auto-refresh)
  • Sometimes I push updates and Chrome does not properly restart the extension, try restarting the browser.
  • There are known issues if you have disabled the conversation view in your Gmail settings, try turning it back on. Refer to Conversation View issue
  • Try signing out and back into your Gmail

Sound notifications

Refer to Sound notifications for emails

Voice Notifications & Speech engines

Refer to Voice Notifications

Desktop notifications

Refer to Desktop notifications

Unusual Usage - Account Temporarily Locked Down

  1. Try increasing the option Accounts > "Polling interval" to atleast 5 minutes (if you want smaller intervals try reducing it gradually day by day to see what your limit is)
  2. Try monitoring only less labels, starting with 1 label in the Accounts / Labels section
  3. Make sure you only have one instance on my extension running and not several Chrome browsers or devices with Chrome browsers on the same machine or network

Settings not being saved

  • Make sure you are not clearing your Chrome data either via Chrome's settings or with other extensions like "Click and Clean" or "Disconnect" etc. You can either disable or go into their options and see if you can whitelist/exclude my extension's data from being cleared
  • Refer to Corrupt browser profile

Voice Input / Speech Recognition

See Voice input

This extension only shows my unread mail, why not my read mail

Refer to Popup window

Check mail from other accounts or using POP

Refer to these instructions

Maximum accounts or delegated accounts

Monitor only the Primary category tab

Refer to these instructions

Slows down or lags when receiving emails

On some older/slower machines the icon animation is too much to handle, in that case you can disable the "icon animation" in the options

Remembering signed in accounts (login/passwords etc.)

One easy method is to use the Adding accounts manually option and you can skip all this :)

  • If you use Gmail's stay signed in checkbox it will remember you the next time without opening a Gmail tab.
  • If you delete your cookies (in particular for the domain * then you will have to re-sign into your Gmail
  • If you are using a cookie cleaner or other extension, try going into its options and see if you can whitelist/exclude *
  • You can checkbox these when using Chrome's "Clear browsing data" options...
    • Clear download history
    • Empty the cache
    • [NOT THIS ONE] Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
    • Clear saved passwords
    • Clear saved Autofill form data
  • If you share your computer with family or friends and they keep logging you out, an alternative is to create separate Chrome users/profiles for each user on the computer
  • Note: I don't want to accept or remember your passwords, it could get complicated and I would open pandora's box to many other security issues so I leave this work up to Google

Adding an extension icon in the system tray

  • Note: I am not referring to the Chrome icon that appears if you have Chrome apps running in the background
  • Currently if I were to put an icon in the system tray I would need to increase the default permissions of my extension to access "All data on your computer" which my users would not accept, so once it eventually becomes part of the "optional permissions" then i'll add it.

Email content does not fit inside popup window

  • Some emails you receive contain HTML which has a large width or height that is not meant to be squeezed and thus you have to use the scrollbars to slide either to the right or down. In this case my extension will try hiding the left inbox area to make more room for the email.
  • Try opening them in Gmail and you'll have the same issue unless your window is large enough or use the zoom slider in my popup window.

Compose new mail popup does not have scrollbars

This issue only happens when your pages are zoomed via your Chrome browser, quick solutions are...

  1. When inside the compose window simply click Ctrl- or Ctrl+ to decrease/increase the window size
  2. Check the option: General > Compose and Reply buttons > Open in tab (instead of "Open in popup window")
  3. Check the option: General > Compose and Reply buttons > Open in popup window > Set position and size of popup window

Button icon

Refer to Button icon

Removing email accounts

The extension auto-detects/syncs with the email accounts that your browser is signed into. If you want to remove some:

  • Option 1: Sign out of them and sign back into the ones you want to use with the extension
  • Option 2: Use the "Ignore this account" in the Accounts options of my extension

Order of email accounts in popup window

  • The order in which the accounts are listed is the order in which in you sign into your accounts. If you want to change the order just sign out and sign into the accounts in the order you want them to appear.

In auto-detecting mode (default mode) you can also use the Accounts > Ignore this account

Unread email count is incorrect or always showing, but I can't find it in my Gmail inbox

  • You might have unread emails in more than 1 of your Gmail accounts
  • You might have unread emails in your hidden labels or across several signed in accounts, try entering and submitting this in the search box above your Gmail inbox (for every Gmail account you have)

Issue with 2 (two) tabs/windows opening up

Solution is to restart the browser and after installing extension

High CPU usage

Crashing or freezing browser

  • Try turning off all the options in the extension
  • Try clearing your browser cache (all of it, from beginning of time)
  • Refer to Chrome issues

Chat Notifications

My extension only handles email notifications because I wanted to add more functionality to them, I have left the chat notifications to Google since they work very well already in my opinion. You can enable or disable them with these Gmail instructions

Composing new emails directly in the popup without a new tab or popup window

  • At the moment the API required to compose emails is not easily available and would require all the features of composing an email like auto-completing your contacts' emails, attachments, formatting etc. and even auto-saving ...but you can choose the option General > Open in popup window and it has all of those features.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • There are 2 kinds of keyboard shortcuts:
    1. Create keyboard shortcuts for Chrome extensions that can be used from anywhere inside or outside of Chrome.
    2. Shortcut keys only available within the extension like the top popup window. I have enabled the same Gmail keyboard shortcuts but not all of them because there are a lot and I added some customizations available in my extension's Options > Keys
  • Note: By default the 1st unread email is the selected one, so the keyboard shortcut you use will affect that one. If your actions remove it from the list the next unread email will be automatically selected etc.

Run in background

Refer to Run in background

Is this the original extension for Gmail?

  • No, because the original extension from Anders Sahlin was removed by Google and no longer supported. This is now a completely re-coded Gmail checker from the ground up. Note, I have nothing to do with Anders who's extension was removed by Google which was called "Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail".
  • My plan as a respectable and experienced Chrome developer of many extensions with great reviews :) is to enhance this extension with more features and options including voice notification


  • The API I'm using does NOT allow me to fetch an email and then identify all its labels :(
  • But, it does allow me to fetch emails by a particular label which you chose in the extension options (monitor labels) and then I can of course associate that label to that email.
  • One solution is to use the Gmail inbox popup view which will show you all labels associated to the email
  • The only other solution at this time would be to fetch all emails for all labels and then identify each label for each email, but, this would take up too many resources.

Awesome New Tab Page Widget (ANTP Widget)

  • My extension can also be used as a widget with Awesome New Tab Page extension which was created by Michael Hart

Hide by Jason Savard

  • This is just one of the many extra features options that upon contributing you can manually check in the Display section of my extension options

Permissions and privacy

Extra features and donations

Refer to Extra features and donations